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The first generation of Nissan Tiida appeared on the Japanese market in two thousand and four years. The car belonged to the golf class and was available in two body styles: car and hatchback. The Japanese was rapidly gaining popularity and already by two thousand seven years it appeared in Europe and Russia. In our country sold versions with 100 10 and 100 20 6 – strong engine capacity of 1.6 liters and 1.8 liters..

Specialists and owners of Nissan Tiida allocate the following advantages of the car:

Comfortable keyless engine start system. Safety system, supplemented with standard systems (Abs, EBD and others), active head restraints, which, in case of impact, reduce the load on the neck. Easy replacement of consumables. The only problem was replacing the parking lights and fog lights, due to the peculiarities of the body design.

Nissan Tiida has received many international safety accolades. In two thousand and seven years, the car became best in class for a combination of price and properties according to journalists of South America, the spacious interior and easy maneuverability deserve special attention. And in two thousand and eight years, the magazine “Bild am Sonntag” gave Nissan Tiida the third place in the category “compact class”.


In two thousand fourteen year, replacing the Nissan Tiida on the European market came Nissan Pulsar, the interior and exterior of which has undergone a restyling. And in Russia in two thousand and fifteen year, began its own production of Nissan Tiida at the Izhevsk plant. Within six months, from March to August, was released almost 3.5 thousand cars, but demand was at a low level, so the production in Russia has ended.

The Russian version was slightly different from the Euro Pulsar. First, the Izhevsk car was made on the platform of the previous generation. This is explained by the desire to make a model for the Russian market with increased ground clearance, which is not allowed by the new platform. The exterior also looked slightly different due to the shape and size of side mirrors, door handles, and bumper structure. Car interior was the same as that of another model produced at Izhevsk plant – Nissan Sentra. The Sentra was also the engine of the Russian Tiida – 100 seventeen hp.с. and 1.6 L.

Nissan Tiida up to now is produced in Mexico, and new models from Nissan came to Russian market.


Nissan Qashqai appeared on the Russian market for over 10 years ago and immediately interested buyers. As the manufacturer has declared, Qashqai is a crossover with hatchback expenses. And it is true, in fact both cost, and fuel consumption, and costs of maintenance are absolutely insignificantly superior to similar characteristics of hatchbacks. With such indicators, as well as modern design and technology, the car always ranks high among the most favorite European brands.

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