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Wellwoman Original – especially for ladies.

The Wellwoman Original brand was developed especially for ladies with an active lifestyle. The Wellwoman capsules are a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals for the modern woman! The formula has been developed taking into account the latest research in the field of lady’s health. Wellvumen is distinguished from other complexes by the presence of natural ingredients, whose action has been confirmed by clinical trials. The Wellvumen capsules are a balanced complex of vitamins and minerals for modern ladies!

For women and women-

For high intellectual and physical stress -Wellwoman’s health -Wellwoman’s health -Women’s health -With high intellectual and physical stress

To enhance women’s health; –

For restrictive diets and unbalanced diet

For prevention of colds and viral diseases

For skin and hair beauty.

Velvumen has a wide range of nutrients and microelements chosen specifically for ladies. The effect of the product can be felt after the first month of use. Enjoy a healthy, vigorous and full of energy. Advanced scientific technologies combined in Velvumen help to strengthen the immune system, maintain a healthy look and feel, energize and support the female body during the menstrual cycle.

Energy and vitality all year round.

Velvumen provides comprehensive support for the female body irrespective of the season, strengthens the immune JAHRE from German to English system and increases resistance to infections. Vitamins and antioxidants protect the body against free radicals that cause harmful oxidative processes and can even destroy the DNA of cells.B group vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium are necessary for the health of the central nervous system and support immune processes in times of stress and physical exertion.

Support of feminine health.

Barago oil contains a huge amount of gamma-linolenic acid, which restores hormonal balance and supports the body during PMS. Barago supports adrenal function (especially after stress and taking steroid hormones) and increases the production of beta-endorphins in the brain, which influence the emotional state and mood.

The internal cosmetics of Velvumen combines within itself the latest scientific merits in the field of lady’s health. Scientists have proven that a balanced complex of nutrients, acting from within, can have a more powerful effect than cosmetic products.Small wrinkles after 30, slight sagging of the skin, changes in complexion. These are the first signs of aging, the result of an oxidative process caused by free radicals.

Studies show that the antioxidant vitamins C, E and beta-carotene protect the body from free radicals. B vitamins, biotin, and minerals, such as selenium, copper, zinc, to keep hair and nails beautiful. Borage oil, consisting of a unique fatty acid composition, activates the metabolism, retains water and maintains the elasticity even of dry and allergic skin.Taking a course of treatment increases the skin’s barrier function.

Velvumen formula contains the correct amount of folic acid and other micronutrients for women who plan pregnancy. It can be taken from the first day of conception to the twelfth week of pregnancy. It is an additional source of nutrients for the mother-to-be and the normal development of the fetus.

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Wellwoman Original – especially for ladies
  • Wellwoman Original – especially for ladies

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